6X Micro Cask (5 litre)


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This 5ltr (8.8pts) micro cask contains traditonal real ale exactly as it is from the pub.

This 4.1% abv charming copper coloured beer has a malty, fruity nose with a subtle hint of hop. In the mouth these flavours intensify leading to a lingering 'malt loaf' finish. This beer is full bodied and distinctive with a high drinkability factor - everything a traditional pint should be....

Casks will keep for 14 days unopened (as long as they are kept cool).

Allergy Information: Contains Gluten (malted barley)

Contents are best consumed within 48 hours of opening.

The more you buy...the more you save! 

1x5ltr = £28

2x5ltr = £54 (save £2)

3x5ltr = £78 (save £6) 

4x5ltr = £100 (save £12)