6X Gold Gluten Free Beer

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8 x 500ml bottles £18.00

Crafted to perfection with a delightful balance of hoppy and refreshing flavors. With a blend of sweet malt and spicy notes on the palate and a zesty citrus aroma, it makes for a beautiful golden ale. 

We take pride in brewing this gluten-free beer using only the finest 100% English hops - Admiral, Pilgrim, Pilot & English Cascade. Rest assured, this beer doesn't compromise on quality or flavor, providing a premium experience for everyone to enjoy. So, whether you're gluten intolerant or just looking for a new beer to try, our gluten-free ale is the perfect choice.

4.5% ABV

ABV 4.5 %
Style Ale
Colour | Smell | Taste Gold | Spicy orange peel | Sweet malt, orange
Hops Pioneer, Admiral, Cascade, Pilot and Flaked Barley
Malts Caramalt, Pale Ale and Munich
Bitter | Sweet 4/5 | 4/5
(4 Reviews)
Great beer
Discovered on a trip to Hampshire. This is a great beer and a bonus it being gluten free. I wish there was availability in pubs in my area (North Kent) but it’s easy to order online and at a great price.
/ 8 Feb 2023
I'm amazed...
Literally sat in a restaurant drinking this as I type, I got half way through my pint before noticing the label on the bottle stating Gluten Free. Honestly didn't notice anything different. Our daughter is a Coeliac but even after sending her a pic isn't up for drinking man beer strangely. Highly recommended and I'll have no problem choosing this version of 6x in the future.
/ 4 Mar 2022
Trevor A
Fantastic my go to beer , actually tastes good like a traditional beer, Gluten free as well . Well done Wadworth for making a beer that is quintessentially a British tasting beer .
/ 23 May 2020
Great Beer!
One of the best Gluten free beers around!
heath / 19 Apr 2020