Beer Tasting Experience


Beer Tasting Experience - Wadworth Collection

Have you got a friend or family member who would love to have a guided tasting tour through our beers and learn a bit about our history?

Well, of course you can come to the brewery and join in tasting sessions and chat to the team here, but we're now also offering you the chance to do this from the comfort of your own home!
Our Beer Tasting Experience - Wadworth Collection includes:
  • an interactive tasting video hosted by the one and only Jim from our Brewery Tap & Shop (the video takes you through some Wadworth history as well as a guided tasting experience centred around our three classic ales: 6X, Henry's IPA and Horizon),
  • a bottle of 6X, Henry's IPA and a can of Horizon,
  • a bottle of 6X Gold (our vegan and gluten free ale), Swordfish and Old Timer
  • a Wadworth bottle opener,
  • 3 ½ pint Wadworth branded glasses,
  • tasting guidelines for all 6 ales,
  • beer tasting mats, 
  • some malts and hops to get fully immersed in the experience and 
  • a 6X branded baseball cap. 
If you're after a similar experience but just with 6X, Henry's IPA and Horizon, then check out our Beer Tasting Experience - Wadworth Classics for £20.
The perfect gift for Father's Day, Christmas, a birthday or just for a beer lover in your life.
Jim is a natural. Missed his vocation as a presenter ! Shared the experience with a friend from Australia and sent him home with the 6X cap so he could tell his friends there what REAL beer is all about ! Crunching barley, and swirling beer it became a laugh a minute, and a great evenings fun was had by all. EVERYONE should try it, but with a friend because that makes the fun ten times better.
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