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8 x 500ml bottles

6X best bitter is one of the most famous ales from the south of England and was first brewed 5th December 1923.

This hand crafted ale is a timeless amber-hued beer distinctively full bodied and eminently drinkable. The nose is malty and fruity with a balancing hoppy note. The delicious malt and fruit character emerge even more intensely on the palate with a long, lingering malty finish. 

Originally 6%, Coopers would mark XXXXXX on the wooden casks to indicate the beer's strength.  One day a 'lazy' Cooper simply wrote '6' followed by a single ‘X’ on the cask and that's how it got its name! The ABV reduced to 4.3% due to rationing of raw ingredients during WWII and remains that strength in bottles and cans to this day.  The ABV is 4.1% on draught - take a look at our Micro Casks to enjoy cask fresh beer at home!

ABV 4.3 %
Colour | Smell | Taste Dark Amber | Malty & Fruity | Malty & Full Bodied
Hops Fuggles and Goldings
Malts Pale Ale, Crystal and Black Malted Barley
Bitter | Sweet 2/5 | 3/5
Allergy Information Contains Gluten (malted barley)
(3 Reviews)
My favorite ale to this day
I first discovered Wadworth 6x at a pub called the Troglodyte in Fairford back in 1985 when I was stationed at RAF Fairford in the US Air Force. It was the only beer I drank when I was there after that and I've thought about it ever since. If only they could ship to the US.
/ 2 Jul 2022
One of the finest beers i have ever tasted
First tasted in 1977 straight from a barrel in a pub in Marlborough Wilts. The memory lingered and yet, living in the Midlands impossible to obtain. Occasionally a visit to Dorset found a source. Most recently the Green Man in Wimborne where I enjoyed two perfectly poured examples and still I stand by what I said so long ago: definitely one of the finest ales I have ever tasted. If only it was available in Nottingham where we have to accept the most dire real ales in Britain. I'm so glad to see 6X is now available online. Hallelujah!
Peter / 12 Mar 2022
Reminds me of Cropredy Festival
Love this drink, cant wait to get some more. They did a good job in shipping this out.
Jason / 26 Jul 2021