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A Taste of Wadworth

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A Taste of Wadworth – we’ve brewed up a storm of classics in our mixed bottle cases including 6X, Henry's IPA, Swordfish, Old Timer and 6X Gold.
2 x 500ml bottles: 6X - Classic amber ale. The stuff of legends 4.1%
2 x 500ml bottles: Henry's IPA - Easy drinking session ale. Humble homage 3.4%
2 x 500ml bottles: Swordfish - Rum infused amber ale. The spirit of adventure 5%
2 x 500ml bottles: Old Timer - Deep copper ale. A true winter warmer 5.8%
4 x 500ml bottles: 6X Gold - Gluten free golden ale. Refreshingly hoppy 4.5%
Check out the individual beer pages for full tasting notes.

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