Henry's IPA Micro Cask

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£20.00 1-104-00002

This 5 Litre (8.8 pint) cask contains Real Ale exactly as it is from the pub.

This 3.4% abv beer has an aroma of gentle malt with a slight hoppiness, when combined together leaves a good balance of flavours on the palate. A long-lasting after taste to match which eventually becomes a gentle biscuit malt finish. Served best with delicate flavoured foods, light salads and rice-based dishes...

Casks contain 'racked bright' ale and will keep for 14 days unopened (as long as they are kept cool, please include delivery times within the shelf life of 14 days). Contents are best consumed within 48 hours of opening.

ABV 3.6 %
Style IPA
Colour | Smell | Taste Light copper | Gentle malt, hop | Crisp, biscuity
Hops Fuggles and Goldings
Malts Pale Ale and Crystal
Allergy Information Contains Gluten (malted barley)
(0 Reviews)