Swordfish Micro Cask

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£23.00 1-104-00008

This 5ltr (8.8pts) micro cask contains traditonal real ale exactly as it is from the pub.

Brewed to celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation on behalf of Fly Navy, this 5% abv ale is a proud member of our core beer range. With a gentle Pusser's Rum aroma and dark, unrefined cane sugar adding a rich smoothness, it is a full-bodied deep copper-coloured ale with a base of Crystal Malt and delicate Fuggles &Goldings hops - great with a hearty roast dinner...

Casks contain 'racked bright' ale and will keep for 14 days unopened (as long as they are kept cool, please include delivery times within the shelf life of 14 days). Contents are best consumed within 48 hours of opening.


ABV 5 %
Style Ale
Colour | Smell | Taste Dark cooper | Malty, fruity, rum | Full dark sugar
Hops Fuggles and Goldings
Malts Pale Ale, Crystal and Black
Bitter | Sweet 2/5 | 4/5
Allergy Information Contains Gluten (malted barley)
(0 Reviews)