Bishop's Tipple

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Originally brewed by Gibbs Mew of Salisbury, to commemorate the appointment of George Reindorp as the Bishop of Salisbury in 1973. Gibbs Mew closed in 1997 and sold the beer to Ushers Brewery in Trowbridge. The brand was then acquired by Wadworth in 2000 and initially brewed at the original ABV of 6.5%, before reducing it to 5.5%.

This strong ale has a full flavour which is well balanced with a hop bitterness for a clean finish.

ABV 5.5 %
Colour | Smell | Taste Deep Gold | Citrus Fruits | Smooth with Spicy Hops
Hops Goldings, Styrian Goldings, Saaz, Target and Galaxy
Malts Pale Ale
Bitter | Sweet 5/5 | 3/5
Allergy Information Contains Gluten (malted barley)
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