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Swordfish Polypin (10ltr)

This 10ltr (18 pints) polypin/bag-in-box contains traditonal real ale exactly as it is from the pub.

Brewed to celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation on behalf of Fly Navy, this 5% abv ale is a proud member of our core beer range. With a gentle Pusser's Rum aroma and dark, unrefined cane sugar adding a rich smoothness, it is a full-bodied deep copper-coloured ale with a base of Crystal Malt and delicate Fuggles &Goldings hops - great with a hearty roast dinner...

Polypins will keep for 14 days unopened (as long as they are kept cool). Contents are best consumed within 48 hours of opening.

Allergy Information: Contains Gluten (malted barley)

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Swordfish Polypin (10ltr)